MY body knows


My name is Anna Weißenfels.

I work as an alternative practitioner

for body- and movement therapy,

as well as a freelance dancer and choreographer

in Berlin and abroad.

My background is dance and performance within various contexts. I hold a BA for contemporary dance and choreography  (2003-2007 Hoogeschool vor de kunsten, ARTEZ in Arnhem).


In the past two years I made an additional training as an alternative practitioner to gain new perspectives onto the human body. (2017 registered alternative practitioner - großer Heilpraktiker)


In this way I developed a deep understanding about the connections of body functions, anatomy and physiology, which  combines perfectly with my practical experiences and body perception as a dancer. Next to my artistic and pedagogical work in the fields of performing arts I additionally developed a vocal practice since 2011  (mainly in exchange with the singer, voice pedagogue and voice anthropologist Ulrike Sowodniok and Ensemble Medulla). I understand the vocal sound as a very valuable tool to enrich the body awareness and to explore the interconnections of voice and movement. Furthermore I am  highly interested into soft and anticipative touch, which liberally allows inner processes. This intuitive, but precise touch enables me to communicate directly with other people and their bodies

on many layers.


Every day afresh my curiosity drives me to understand more of the complexity of the human body. These learning process seems to be ongoing. I would like to share it with others, point out questions and trigger new insights into the body awareness.


My body and movement therapy as well as my teachings embrace the complexity of the body, lead to integrative

and fluid movements.

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