MY body knows


our body contains traces...countless stories

telling about how you walk alone on the streets, completely lost - how you collect your courage to jump from a wall how you tumble in recklessness  - how your stomach contracts for fear
how your heart is filled with longing for a far away, strange place

 © Christiane Schniebel

Our body carries wisdom...
Together we will integrate your individual body knowledge in a playful way. 
By revisiting your memories spatially you will look at old experiences from a new, momentary perspective. In this way you can let go of traumatic situations or use healing experiences for yourself. Discover enormous hidden potentials within you!



Past moments, imprints and impression are stored in our body memory


In this way memories leave traces in your body, shaping your very personal body knowledge that carries you through life. You can choose to follow those traces intuitively into daily and moved situations

or possibly also traumatic experiences.

 © Christiane Schniebel


 © Bruno Derksen

 © Bruno Derksen

As a dancer and alternative practitioner
I combine performative, somatic and therapeutic elements.  I follow and support your process through movement, touch and voice. Together we may dive into a kind

of Re-enactment, in which it is possible to revisit a past experience.


Within an atmosphere of expanded time and space we will discover new modes of play and action.



an individual process lasts about

3 - 6 treatment units.

If you have chronical symptoms (like pain or dysfunction) a longer process would probably make sense.


I calculate costs on the basis of   Gebührenverzeichnis für Heilpraktiker (GebüH):

60 € / treatment unit (ca.60 min)

25 € / first meeting


I am a member of the association

Verband unabhängiger Heilpraktiker e.V:





 © Bruno Derksen


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